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Complex oxide materials, especially SrTiO3 (STO) based electron systems, possess nearly all the properties one can find in condensed matter. Our current research focuses on understanding electron correlations in complex oxide materials, engineering quantum devices with novel properties, and visualizing quantum states of matter. Our core technology unitizes a sharp atomic force microscope tip to sketch nanostructures through "writing" and "erasing" procedures, leading a new pathway towards various technological applications.


1, Correlated Nanoelectronics

We combine the strongly correlated phenomena in correlated oxides with semiconductor nanoelectronics. This combination brings new functionalities to quantum devices and provides a nanoscale approach to study bulk/interfacial material properties. We are actively looking into the unconventional electron pairing in STO, the Luttinger liquid physics on the oxide platform, solid state quantum simulation and topological computing based on oxide Majorana nanowires.



2, Functional Oxide Nanoelectronics

We combine the oxide interfaces with other functional oxides (e.g. ferroelectrics and 2D materials) to manipulate new states of matter and engineer new functional nanoelectronic devices.



3, Visualizing Quantum States of Matter

We build scanning probe microscopes which sense force, magnetism, dielectric properties and temperature at nanoscale and mK temperature environment. We love instrumentation.





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