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Quantum Nanoelectronics

Solid State Physics A

(Fall 2021)

Course description

This course aims to provide a basic introduction to solid state physics primarily for students majoring in physics at USTC.  Knowledge on quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and electromagnetism is prerequisite to take the course. Topics covered in this course include but not limited to crystal structures, lattice vibration, free electron model, energy bands and electron motion in crystals.



09/08/2021 First class begins. Classroom: 5406. Time: W/3,4, F/6,7

Final exam on 8:30am-10:30am, 01/15/2021, 5104 classroom.






HW1 (due on 09/24/2021)

HW2 (due on 10/08/2021)

HW3 (due on 10/15/2021)

HW4 (due on 10/22/2021)

HW5 (due on 10/29/2021)

HW6 (due on 11/12/2021)

HW7 (due on 11/19/2021)

HW8 (due on 11/26/2021)

HW9 (due on 12/03/2021)

HW10 (due on 12/10/2021)

HW11 (due on 12/17/2021)

HW12 (due on 12/31/2021)


Topics for the term paper

This is only a suggested list. Term paper should be related to concepts in this course.


Supporting Materials

1, 3D Diamond lattice

2, Story on quasicrystal

3, Dispersion relation in atomic chains







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